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Link2SD Plus apk Download new version 1.1 free for android. Get rid of old version and download latest version .apk file free. We are sharing key for link2sd app which is available for free on google play store. When you install this key, Your free version will convert to plus and ads will remove from app. Extra features will be also added. The main purpose of using this app is to link internal storage data to SD card or external storage. You can move installed apps to sd card which by default goes on internal storage. In a previous days, The internal storage of android phone was less as 4 GB to 8 GB. On this storage user cannot play high graphics game on android phone. Because the size of these types of game reaches to 1 GB to 2 gb. And it was compulsory to install apps and games on internal storage.

link2sd plus apk

link2sd plus new apk helps and connects the storage of android device. Many users have complaint that their internal memory is out of storage and cannot install apps and games on phone. This problem occurs when user download many apps from google play and all are installed on internal storage. The app data is also goes on internal storage. Therefore to overcome this problem, There is a need to move installed apps from internal storage to SD card. So that the system apps can run properly. Link2SD plus app is like a bridge between the storage by which user can move their data. This app also helps to clear cache of phone automatically and remove unused or duplicate files. So by installing this app one can easily move their apps and free up internal storage. You can also make SD card as a default storage to install apps directly on external storage.

When you download high end game from play store, It requires to download data file of game of large size. Which is automatically goes to internal storage. By linking storage you can change path and directly install games to external storage. As well as when you download games from other sources, you get two files, One is .apk and other is obb. After installing and copying obb file to its location game works properly. The default link of obb is internal storage of phone and if you copy the obb file to SD card it won’t work directly until you make SD card as a default storage. Many mobile phones does not allow to change path of apps while installing. Specially Samsung phones does not have these options. Therefore the app like link2SD plus is required. You can also move WhatsApp to SD card and save its all data.

Features of Link2SD plus apk full version

  • Link storage : Use app and link internal data storage to external SD and move any apps directly to the SD card.
  • Move system apps : System apps are by default came with android phone, Which cannot be deleted or moved. But this app will allow you to move system app to SD card.
  • Link OBB file to SD card : Download game and install it on SD card, Because you can link OBB file of game from SD card. Simply copy obb file on external storage and link to run game.
  • Cache : Automatically clear cache and speed up your android phone. It also allows to remove junk files from android device.
  • Remove ads : As this .apk file is a key of link2sd apk app, Therefore when you install key you will get pro version and ads will be removed from the app.
  • SD card default storage : Make SD card default storage for newly installed app. All the app will directly save on external storage.
  • Batch process : Perform linking, Unlinking, Installing, Uninstalling and move in a bulk. Select apps and just one tap is required.
  • Uninstall system apps : Remove unwanted system apps which came by default with android phone.
  • App conversion : Easily convert system apps to user app and user apps to system apps.
  • Search : Search for any application by its name or package name, Get exact result of search and all related items with it.
  • Analysis : Analyse your storage and get details of free space with different usage. For example app usage, Media usage etc.


link2sd plus apk full link2sd pro apk download

Download Link2SD Plus apk free for android

File name : Link2SD Plus (New) 1.1.apk
Version : 1.1
Developer : Bulent Akpinar.
Updated : January 2, 2015
Requires Android : 2.1 and higher.
Apk size 85 KB

Requirements for Link2SD Plus (New) apk key by bulent akpinar

  • Android version 2.1 and higher is required for app.
  • Link2sd free app must be installed on your android phone.
  • 256 MB minimum amount of ram is necessary.
  • 10 MB minimum free space is required for installation.

How to install link2sd plus .apk on android

  1. Download link2sd plus apk file from direct link.
  2. Copy it on android phone for installation.
  3. Install free version of app from google play.
  4. Now install key .apk file download from our site.
  5. Open the key app and verify license.
  6. Start using plus features of for free.

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